Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Through the generosity of a community, GCS raised the funds necessary to pave the school driveway and parking lot.

The project began to take shape through the schools facility committee as it prioritized projects for the school. This one rose to the top for several reasons. First, the cement slab from the old Nickerson School was becoming very slippery and some injuries occurred on the surface. Second, the existing tar was wearing beyond repair which would eventually would cost even more to resurface. And third, the back parking, which has forever been dirt, was an annual mud bowl in need of repair. It also tracked mud all through the building adding to the wear and tear and constant clean up.

We thank the contractors for this project, S and G Construction and Tom's Line Painting (Lily Bay).

The new look really makes the facilities "pop", adding to a sense of pride. So, thank you for approving this capital reserve project.

There are some finishing touches to complete around the edges of the new tar and towards the tennis court area and then this project will be finished. Gooooo Lakers!

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