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MSBA Handbook

State and or Federal law requires us to inform parents and or community in multiple areas, below are the required notification letters, policies, and other information.

Finance Committee Meeting Online

Child Find Policy and Notice

2021/22 Asbestos Management Program Notice

2021/22 School Integrated Pest Management Program Notice

Annual Notice of FERPA (Family Rights), Sexual Harassment, Bullying,

and Physical Restraint and Seclusion Policy


Parents Right to Know ESEA (Highly Qualified Teachers/Certification)

Parents Right to Testing Transparency/Opt Out

Please click on any of the policies above to see full policy. 

2021/22 ESEA Dashboard for School Accountability

2021/22 GCS State and Local Assessments

2020 PSAT Scores

Why Participation Matters

ESEA Dashboard

Title One Compact

Title 1 Parent/Guardian Survey

 Greenville School Committee Members:

                                      Ann Murray - Chairperson (2024)   Email:

                                      Brittany Gould (2023)                      Email:

                                      Peter Johnson (2023)                      Email: 

                                      Sheri Kreider (2022)                        Email: 

                                      Kevin McAfee (2024)                      Email:

Beaver Cove School Committee Members:

                                      Sally Farrand (2023)                      Email:

                                      Maria Mann (2022)                        Email:

                                     Allison St. Jean (2021)                   Email:


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