GCS Safe Return to School Plan

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Dress Code Revision - Effective Immediately 

Monday, February 7, 2022

An ad hoc Dress Code Committee consisting of two parents, three students, two staff members, and two administrators met today. We reviewed the school’s mission, vision, and community core values statements to set the foundation to make decisions regarding revisement of our current dress code listed on page 16 of the Student/Parent Handbook. 

Our first order of business was to address ripped, holey, “distressed denim” jeans. The following will be added to the GCS Dress Code when addressing jeans with rips, tears, and holes.

  • There shall be no skin showing from mid thigh and above. Mid thigh is defined as the halfway point between the knee and the hip. 

  • There may be frayed areas above mid thigh; however, these frayed areas (above mid thigh) must not show any skin. 

This revisement is effective immediately and will be readdressed if we find students are not complying.

Positive Action Team

The Positive Action Team is for grades 6-12. Meeting will be during middle school and high school lunches.

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SOP Update for Parents

Dear Parent/Guardian of GCS students, 


The DOE has aligned new guidelines to match the updated Maine CDC guidelines that went into place on 12/30/2021.


 Under the new SOP:

  • An individual who tests positive for COVID must quarantine for five days, they may return on day six if symptoms have resolved or are improving but must wear a mask for an additional five days. 

  •  Close contacts who are not pool testing or fully vaccinated will need to quarantine for five days, returning on day six if no symptoms have developed, and they must mask for an additional five days. 

  • If students participate in pooled testing and are symptom free, they may continue to attend school/school-related activities such as sports but will need to be quarantined from the community, even if the exposure was at home or in the community (a BIG change!). The community quarantine includes community/rec sports, day care, after school jobs, etc. 

  • All who are exposed are expected to wear a mask for ten days after the exposure.



As has been the case for almost two years now, these guidelines are subject to change. If changes are made, we will be sure to notify you and the community as we are now. 

If you have any questions please reach out to our nursing office by emailing jayne.sullivan@ghslakers.org

Proposed ESSERF3 Application

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Pre-Screening Tool for School Attendance

We had a GREAT first day of school. Students and staff were all very happy to see one another!! Let's make every effort we can to keep our school safe and healthy by completing the Pre-Screening Tool for School Attendance below. Please follow the guidance for checking symptoms prior to meeting the school bus or coming to school. The Pre-Screening Tool for School Attendance was sent home with your student today (09/01/2021) along with information regarding pooled testing. Please complete the blue parent signature form noting that you have received the Pre-Screening tool and agree to follow the protocol listed. Thank you. Please note, the Maine DOE has added the symptom of "new cough" to the Pre-Screening Tool for School Attendance.

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